The Texas Drought 2011: September 20th 2011 Update


The Texas Drought is Getting Worse Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the most recent drought map, from the US Drought Monitor. Yeah, dark red is bad, really bad. Drought is Classified in 5 Levels The 5 levels used to describe how severe a drought is are: D0: Abnormally … [Read more...]

Bathroom Remodeling: Before and After in Austin Texas

Bathroom remodeling in Austin Texas After

Bathroom Before and After Got an old bathroom? Or worse, one that was "updated" but never quite finished? This bathroom was one of those - a project that never quite made it to the finish line. I'll admit - this one is mine, a project I decided I HAD to do when I was pregnant with my … [Read more...]

Bathroom Tile Ideas: Rectangular Tile Keeps it Simple

bathroom tile ideas rectangular tile

Replacing Old Tile Brings Updated Style to an Austin Home Are you planning to sell your Austin home soon, but need to replace outdated tile? Consider the current trends before making your selections both for the style and color of the tile as well as the layout. In some areas, and Austin is … [Read more...]

Replacement Closet Doors: What To Ask Your Contractor

replacement closet doors

Closet Doors - Such a Nice Update If Done Right. Such a Mess if Done Wrong. Got an old house? The kind with the flat-panel doors, probably in an old wood veneer that has seen better days? Replacing them with moulded-panel, composite wood doors (not solid wood) isn't difficult or expensive, … [Read more...]

Cost of House Painting: Tales from a Paint-Quality Evangelist

House Painting: a Kitchen in Austin Texas

Does Expensive Paint Cost a Lot More? I've been called a paint snob in the past. I used to think the name-callers had basis for their action, but then I looked up the definition of snob: "A snob is someone who believes that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a … [Read more...]

Property Tax Rates Comparison: Northwest Austin

nw austin tax rates

Austin Tax Rates Differ Widely from Area to Area Shopping for a home in Austin Texas? The tax rates here can be confusing to folks moving in from other parts of the country. Property Tax Rates in Northwest Austin A property can be taxable by different governmental entities such as Austin … [Read more...]

What Can $200,000 Buy You in Austin?

Austin Homes for $200,000

Looking for a Home in Austin for about $200,000? As of September 27th, 2011 there are over a hundred homes for sale in Austin with list prices between $195,000 and $200,000. Go Right to the Homes for Sale In Austin for around $200,000 (Data updated automatically - current listings) Let's take … [Read more...]

For Sale By Owner in Austin Texas: How Sell It On Your Own

Do You Know How to FSBO? Some homeowners choose to try to sell their homes For Sale by Owner (FSBO, pronounced "Fizz-Bo") before enlisting the assistance of a real estate agent. Although fewer than 25% of FSBOs properties sell, if you're not in a hurry to move on to your next place, you can try … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of PMI: 3 Ways to Stop Paying for Private Mortgage Insurance

Save Monthly on Your Mortgage by Getting Rid of PMI on Your Home Loan Tired of paying PMI? PMI is an insurance product you will normally be required to have when you put less than 20% down when you buy a home. The less you are able to put down, the more your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) … [Read more...]

What Can $350,000 Buy You in Austin, Texas?

Austin Texas Real Estate: What Will $350,000 Get You in the Summer of 2011? Let's look at a sampling of the properties in Austin for sale around $350,000. Central Austin Real Estate Info: Central Austin Homes For Sale Between $340,000 and $360,000 The median price for the 345 homes for sale in … [Read more...]