Listing Your Home: How to Do It Right The First Time

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Listing Your Home To Sell: Strategy Works, Luck Doesn’t

Do you know the three things that determine how fast your house sells?

  • Condition
  • Price
  • Location

You can do something about 2 of those 3 things: condition and price. You can’t change the third: location.

One Critical Point You Must Understand To Sell Your Home

Your house will sell if it offers a better deal than the competition.

That’s it.

Your house can be gorgeous, well-appointed and in the absolute best neighborhood and still not sell.

If it doesn’t sell, it means one thing: the other houses that did sell offered a better combination of location, condition and price.

Listing Your Home in the Austin Area - Texas

Listing Your Home in Austin, Texas: 4 Things to Do First

Before you list, you have some work to do.

If you don’t do the work up front, you’ll be selling it later for less.

  1. Get a good agent.
  2. Go over the comps – the homes that are similar to yours.
  3. Fix what needs to be fixed.
  4. Make sure it is a better deal than the other houses that are for sale.

The First Time Matters

If you list your home for a bit to “test the market”, and don’t have the right combination of price and condition, you will hurt your chances of selling for the best price possible.

A Listing Agent in the Austin Area that encourages you to do this isn’t working in your best interest.

Here is why:

  • You will get the most traffic through your house in the first few weeks.
  • If it doesn’t compare well, the serious buyers will move on – they will buy another property.
  • Once your house sits on the market for too long, potential buyers and their agents will wonder what is wrong with it.
  • What is “wrong” is that it wasn’t the best deal.
  • The longer it sits, the less likely it is that someone will think it’s priced well – otherwise it would have already sold.
  • Now you have to drop the price, or add incentives such as offering to pay closing costs, to make it look like a better deal.

Can you see the problem with over-pricing, even by a little bit?
You wanted to test the market at a higher price than your home was likely to sell for, and now you’re going to end up selling it for less than what it could have sold for.

Why You Can’t Just Wait For The Right Buyer

The “right” buyer is like every other buyer – they want the best house for the best price.

Buyers are not going to pay a penny more than they have to to get the best house that meets their needs.

As your house sits, over-priced, aging on the market, other houses come up for sale, and sell. Then more houses come up for sale, and those houses sell, too. Each time this happens, the market is sending a clear signal: your house isn’t comparing well.

Again, your house could be stunning, an architectural marvel, impeccably maintained and have lovely views. It still won’t sell until it is the best of the ones offered for sale at any given time.

Let’s Do This Right, The First Time

Understanding the points above is crucial for you to be successful in selling your home for the most money possible.

When you hire me, Alison Shuman, to sell your Austin Area home, here is what you get:

  • A look at the competition: you get an expert analysis of the local market, focused on houses similar to yours: what has sold, what is for sale.
  • A list of things to do: you will receive an honest, even blunt assessment for what you must do to get your home ready to sell.
  • Aggressive marketing: your home will be distributed to all major on-line sales outlets, put on the Coldwell Banker local tour (25+ agents), with crisp marketing materials inside and out.
  • Professional guidance: you will be advised throughout the process of how things are going – what you need to do, when you need to do it, and why.

The Listing Agent For When You Are Serious About Selling Your Austin Home

Are you ready? Ready to sell?

Listing Your Austin Area Home For Sale

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